Limington Historical Mural

Third grade students at H.B. Emery Jr. School in Limington have been studying the history of Limington. To culminate their work the third grade made a mural of the historical places in Limington that they visited and studied.

The first stop was the Pine Hill Cemetery. The students were given the task of locating gravestones with names of some of the early settlers.

Next the class went to the Octagon House. The students were fascinated by this unique structure which was built in 1862 as a home.

Some students worked with Mrs. Laurie Downey while others worked with Mrs. Charlotte Fullam, two of the artists who helped with the Artists in Maine Communities grant.

The third grade saw the original Limington library, recently moved to the Historical Society and restored.

The classes visited the Limington Historical Society. There the students saw the blacksmith shop.

Third grade teacher Beth Komulainen organized the historical studies. To culminate the project the students made a mural of historical Limington places and wrote this overview:

A Story of Limington

Limington Village wasn't very big when H. B. Emery, Jr. and Virginia (Sawyer) Brackett were friends. They went to school together from First Grade until they graduated from The Limington Academy in 1941. When they went to the Longfellow School, there was only one teacher and one classroom for grades 1 through 8. The Limington Gym is where kids had gym class. Virginia lived with her uncle, Dr. Ilsley. Harold could stand on his porch yell across the street to Virginia and she would yell back to him. They would go to dances at the Town Hall. Down the road from the corner was Brackett's Apple Orchard. Sometimes they went swimming at the Limington Rips. Down the river from the Rips is the Octagon House, built during the Civil War.


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